Why Get a New Domain Name Extension?

The benefits of a new domain extension are nearly endless, but among the most important advantages to registering one is the heightened visibility it will lend to your website. A short, distinctive domain with a focused extension easily stands out online, and proclaims your website’s message, product, or service to the entire online world.

Get Found Better

Content-relevant domain extensions lead to better search engine rankings and more traffic to your website.

Short and Distinctive

Field-specific extensions enhance your domain’s relevance to your industry, so your web address can be brief, concise, and unforgettable.

Be Unique

Break away from the crowded .COM namespace with a New Top-Level Domain (New gTLD) that fits your website's content and sets you apart from competitors.

Plug and Play

Use our DNS Control Panel to easily forward your new name to your existing website — all without changing your current site's setup.

Available for Registration Now!

Open for Live Registration

These new domain extensions are available for live registration, but competition for great names is still tight. Click the domain extension below to check if your domain is available to register.

All prices per year:

.ac ($49)    .academy ($39)    .accountant ($39)    .accountants ($79)    .actor ($39)    .adult ($79)    .ag ($99)    .agency ($29)    .airforce ($39)    .alsace ($49)    .am ($79)    .amsterdam ($59)    .apartments ($49)    .archi ($79)    .army ($39)    .asia ($14.90)    .associates ($39)    .at ($14.90)    .attorney ($69)    .auction ($39)    .audio ($19)    .auto ($2590)    .band ($29)    .bar ($69)    .barcelona ($59)    .bargains ($29)    .bayern ($49)    .be ($14.90)    .beer ($29)    .berlin ($59)    .best ($89)    .bet ($19)    .bible ($139)    .bid ($39)    .bike ($29)    .bingo ($49)    .bio ($59)    .biz ($14.90)    .blackfriday ($39)    .blue ($19)    .boutique ($49)    .brussels ($49)    .build ($79)    .builders ($39)    .business ($29)    .buzz ($39)    .bz ($29)    .bzh ($59)    .ca ($14.90)    .cab ($39)    .cafe ($39)    .camera ($39)    .camp ($39)    .capetown ($29)    .capital ($39)    .car ($2590)    .cards ($29)    .care ($29)    .careers ($49)    .cars ($2590)    .casa ($29)    .cash ($29)    .casino ($129)    .catering ($29)    .cc ($14.90)    .center ($19)    .ceo ($99)    .ch ($14.90)    .chat ($39)    .cheap ($29)    .christmas ($39)    .church ($39)    .city ($39)    .claims ($49)    .cleaning ($49)    .click ($19)    .clinic ($49)    .clothing ($29)    .cloud ($29)    .club ($29)    .cm ($89)    .co ($24.90)    .co.uk ($9.90)    .coach ($49)    .codes ($49)    .coffee ($39)    .college ($79)    .cologne ($19)    .com ($9.90)    .com.ph ($49)    .community ($39)    .company ($29)    .computer ($29)    .condos ($39)    .construction ($29)    .consulting ($49)    .contractors ($29)    .cooking ($29)    .cool ($29)    .country ($29)    .coupons ($59)    .courses ($39)    .credit ($89)    .creditcard ($129)    .cricket ($69)    .cruises ($39)    .cx ($89)    .cymru ($19)    .dance ($19)    .date ($29)    .dating ($39)    .de ($14.90)    .deals ($39)    .degree ($49)    .delivery ($49)    .democrat ($39)    .dental ($49)    .dentist ($39)    .desi ($19)    .design ($24.90)    .diamonds ($49)    .diet ($29)    .digital ($29)    .direct ($29)    .directory ($29)    .discount ($29)    .dog ($49)    .domains ($29)    .download ($29)    .durban ($29)    .earth ($29)    .education ($49)    .email ($29)    .energy ($89)    .engineer ($29)    .engineering ($49)    .enterprises ($49)    .equipment ($29)    .estate ($29)    .eu ($14.90)    .eus ($79)    .events ($29)    .exchange ($39)    .expert ($49)    .exposed ($29)    .express ($39)    .fail ($39)    .faith ($49)    .family ($24.90)    .fans ($89)    .farm ($39)    .fashion ($29)    .film ($129)    .finance ($39)    .financial ($49)    .fish ($29)    .fishing ($29)    .fit ($29)    .fitness ($29)    .flights ($49)    .florist ($49)    .flowers ($29)    .fm ($79)    .football ($19)    .forsale ($39)    .foundation ($49)    .frl ($99)    .fund ($39)    .furniture ($49)    .futbol ($19)    .fyi ($29)    .gallery ($29)    .game ($349)    .garden ($39)    .gd ($29)    .gent ($39)    .gift ($29)    .gifts ($39)    .gives ($29)    .gl ($49)    .glass ($39)    .global ($69)    .gmbh ($49)    .gold ($99)    .golf ($49)    .graphics ($29)    .gratis ($19)    .green ($79)    .gripe ($29)    .group ($39)    .guide ($29)    .guitars ($39)    .guru ($29)    .gy ($39)    .hamburg ($49)    .healthcare ($49)    .help ($19)    .hiphop ($19)    .hiv ($199)    .hk ($19)    .hn ($79)    .hockey ($39)    .holdings ($79)    .holiday ($39)    .horse ($29)    .host ($89)    .hosting ($39)    .house ($49)    .im ($49)    .immo ($39)    .in ($14.90)    .industries ($39)    .info ($14.90)    .ink ($29)    .institute ($49)    .insure ($39)    .international ($19)    .investments ($79)    .io ($59)    .irish ($49)    .ist ($29)    .istanbul ($49)    .jewelry ($69)    .joburg ($29)    .juegos ($14.90)    .kim ($59)    .kitchen ($39)    .kiwi ($39)    .koeln ($19)    .la ($29)    .land ($29)    .lat ($39)    .lawyer ($69)    .lc ($29)    .lease ($49)    .legal ($79)    .lgbt ($49)    .li ($14.90)    .life ($39)    .lighting ($19)    .limited ($29)    .limo ($49)    .link ($19)    .live ($19)    .loan ($79)    .loans ($79)    .lol ($29)    .london ($39)    .love ($29)    .ltd ($39)    .ltda ($59)    .luxury ($499)    .maison ($49)    .management ($19)    .market ($29)    .marketing ($29)    .mba ($59)    .me ($14.90)    .media ($29)    .memorial ($49)    .men ($39)    .menu ($49)    .mg ($149)    .miami ($19)    .mn ($49)    .mobi ($14.90)    .moda ($39)    .moe ($29)    .mom ($39)    .money ($79)    .mortgage ($49)    .moscow ($14.90)    .movie ($299)    .ms ($29)    .mu ($79)    .mx ($49)    .nagoya ($19)    .name ($14.90)    .net ($14.90)    .network ($19)    .news ($49)    .ngo/.ong ($59)    .ninja ($19)    .nl ($14.90)    .nyc ($39)    .okinawa ($19)    .one ($29)    .onl ($19)    .online ($49)    .org ($14.90)    .osaka ($39)    .paris ($49)    .partners ($39)    .parts ($39)    .party ($29)    .pe ($69)    .pet ($19)    .ph ($49)    .photo ($29)    .photography ($14.90)    .photos ($19)    .physio ($89)    .pics ($19)    .pictures ($19)    .pink ($14.90)    .pizza ($49)    .place ($39)    .plumbing ($39)    .plus ($39)    .poker ($39)    .porn ($79)    .press ($69)    .pro ($29)    .productions ($39)    .promo ($29)    .properties ($29)    .property ($29)    .pub ($29)    .qpon ($19)    .quebec ($39)    .racing ($39)    .recipes ($39)    .red ($14.90)    .rehab ($39)    .rent ($69)    .rentals ($29)    .repair ($39)    .report ($14.90)    .republican ($29)    .rest ($39)    .restaurant ($49)    .review ($29)    .reviews ($29)    .rich ($1990)    .rip ($19)    .rocks ($9.90)    .rodeo ($39)    .run ($29)    .ryukyu ($49)    .sale ($29)    .salon ($59)    .sarl ($49)    .sc ($89)    .school ($29)    .science ($29)    .scot ($59)    .services ($49)    .sex ($79)    .sexy ($19)    .sg ($49)    .sh ($49)    .shiksha ($19)    .shoes ($39)    .show ($39)    .singles ($29)    .site ($29)    .ski ($34.90)    .soccer ($19)    .social ($39)    .software ($29)    .solar ($49)    .solutions ($49)    .space ($9.90)    .srl ($59)    .store ($49)    .stream ($39)    .studio ($29)    .study ($39)    .style ($29)    .sucks ($249)    .supplies ($19)    .supply ($19)    .support ($49)    .surf ($29)    .surgery ($49)    .systems ($39)    .taipei ($39)    .tattoo ($39)    .tax ($49)    .taxi ($49)    .team ($39)    .tech ($49)    .technology ($29)    .tennis ($49)    .theater ($39)    .theatre ($749)    .tienda ($49)    .tips ($19)    .tires ($89)    .tirol ($39)    .today ($19)    .tokyo ($19)    .tools ($29)    .top ($9.90)    .tours ($49)    .town ($29)    .toys ($39)    .trade ($29)    .training ($49)    .tube ($49)    .tv ($29)    .tw ($19)    .uk ($9.90)    .university ($49)    .uno ($39)    .us ($9.90)    .vacations ($29)    .vc ($29)    .vegas ($59)    .ventures ($69)    .vet ($39)    .vg ($29)    .viajes ($49)    .video ($29)    .villas ($49)    .vin ($49)    .vip ($29)    .vision ($39)    .vlaanderen ($49)    .vodka ($39)    .voting ($69)    .voyage ($39)    .wales ($19)    .watch ($39)    .webcam ($29)    .website ($29)    .wedding ($39)    .wien ($59)    .wiki ($29)    .win ($29)    .wine ($49)    .work ($9.90)    .works ($39)    .world ($29)    .ws ($29)    .wtf ($29)    .xxx ($69)    .xyz ($14.90)    .yoga ($29)    .yokohama ($19)    .zone ($29)   

Available in the upcoming weeks

Binding Pre-Order

These domain extensions are just weeks from launching, but you still have time to pre-order your domain before it hits the market. Click an extension below to see its release details, and to see if the domain you want is still available to pre-order.

All prices per year:

.games ($29)     .shop ($49)     .shopping ($49)    

Available in 3 to 12 months:

Free Pre-Registration

United Domains is a unique domain registrar offering free pre-registration for upcoming domain extensions not yet available for purchase. Click on a domain extension below to check the availability of the domain you’re looking for.

.africa    .app    .arab    .art    .baby    .basketball    .beauty    .blog    .book    .boston    .broker    .budapest    .buy    .cam    .career    .charity    .coupon    .dad    .data    .day    .deal    .diy    .docs    .doctor    .eat    .eco    .fan    .feedback    .fly    .food    .forum    .free    .fun    .gay    .health    .here    .home    .hot    .hotel    .hotels    .inc    .ing    .joy    .kid    .kids    .latino    .like    .living    .luxe    .madrid    .mail    .map    .med    .meet    .meme    .mls    .mobile    .music    .new    .now    .page    .pay    .phd    .phone    .pin    .ping    .play    .prod    .radio    .read    .realty    .room    .rsvp    .rugby    .safe    .safety    .scholarships    .search    .secure    .seek    .skin    .sport    .stockholm    .talk    .web    .you    .zip   

Why Choose United Domains as your registrar?

With over a decade of experience on hand and 1.5 million domains registered worldwide, United Domains is a global leader in the domain name industry. United Domains successfully registers pre-ordered domain names at a success rate of over 75%. Our customer domain control panel is intuitive and approachable for customers of all experience levels, and our world-class customer service team is always happy to help, no matter what the issue.

How Does Pre-Registration Work?

First, domains with new extensions will be available for free, non-binding pre-registration. Pre-registering will ensure you’re updated with your domain’s registration to help you prepare for launch. When your domain’s release date gets close, you will be able to confirm its pre-order. Once you confirm your pre-order, we will submit it for registration automatically on its go-live date, so you don’t have to lift a finger at launch. You will only be charged for pre-ordered domains that are successfully registered and there are no additional fees for pre-ordering, so you face no risk.

When Will Each Domain Extension Launch?

New domain extensions started launching in early 2014, and more are launching every week. Our Launch Sequence Page shows the latest release and pricing information for every new domain extension we offer, whether it is coming soon, coming later, or available for live registration. Customers with pre-registrations will also receive updates when their domain is available for binding pre-order, so they’ll be better prepared for live registration.

The Top 10 New Extensions

Since 2011, United Domains customers have pre-registered over 1,4 Million new domains through our New gTLD Pre-Registration Program. The Top Ten Extensions are listed below. You can also check out the Top 50 New Domain Extensions.

Total Pre-Registrations

What Are The Steps To Getting My New Domain Name?



Pre-register your new domain names, free of charge and non-binding.


Confirm Your Order

We'll contact you once your domain's official release and pricing information is announced. You'll then be able to pre-order your domain.


Obtain Your Domain

We’ll automatically submit your domain for registration and confirm all successful registrations via email. You will only be charged after a successful registration.


Connect Your Website

Forward your domain to your existing website or assign it to your webhosting package using United Domains' DNS Control Panel.

Want to learn more? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Pre-Register a New Domain?

Pre-registering with United Domains is the simple, free and non-binding way to get a head start securing the new domain name you want. In addition to securing a slot in our database for that domain's launch, pre-registration also signs you up for updates on your domain extension so you’ll be fully prepared for release.

Updated May 25,2014 by Courtney Mirenzi

What’s the Difference Between Pre-Registering and Pre-Ordering?

Free and non-binding pre-registration is offered for domains that will be available within the next 3 to 12 months. Once your pre-registered domain’s release date gets close, you will be able to confirm your pre-registration as a binding pre-order. We will submit pre-ordered domains for registration when their extensions go live.

Updated June 11,2014 by Ana Varela

Am I guaranteed to get every domain I confirm for pre-order?

We’re proud to say that we have converted an average of over 75% of binding pre-orders into successful domain registrations during past domain extension launches. A registration may fail due to the name having a trademark claim placed on it, because it has been reserved or blocked by the registry, or because it has been registered during a prior registration period, among other reasons.

Updated June 15,2014 by Travis Moore

Will I be charged for a pre-order?

You will only be charged for a successful domain registration, so your binding pre-order is totally risk-free.

Updated June 15,2014 by Travis Moore

Is pre-registering a new domain really free?

Yes, pre-registration is completely free and non-binding, and signs you up to be kept up to date with relevant news and information for your domain's extension. Once your pre-registered domain's release date and price are announced you'll be able to confirm that pre-registration as a binding pre-order. Check out our Price List to see prices for new domain extensions now available for binding pre-order and live registration.

Updated June 15,2014 by Travis Moore

What will the new domain extensions cost?

To see prices of new domain extensions we currently offer for pre-order and live registration, please see our Price List. We will contact pre-registrants with each upcoming extension's price as its release date approaches, so you'll have all the facts before deciding whether to confirm your pre-order.

Updated June 15,2014 by Travis Moore

What is a new gTLD (New Generic Top-Level Domain)?

A Top-Level Domain (or "TLD") is the official term for a domain's extension — the part of the domain name that comes after the dot. The most common ones, like .COM, .NET and .ORG are all generic TLDs. New gTLDs form a new set of Generic Top-Level Domains designed to increase choice among domain names. Some new gTLDs focus on a particular field, industry, or region, while others are broader and more generic.

Updated June 11,2014 by Ana Varela

Why do some domain names show a higher price than other domains with their extension?

Most domain names are offered at a standard registration fee, which is the price you’ll see displayed in our Price List. However, a domain’s registry can also classify certain domain names as premium domain names. Because the registry places premium domains in a separate price class from ordinary domains with the same extension, a premium domain’s registration fee is typically higher than the standard registration fee. United Domains has no influence on which domains are classified as premium.

Updated June 11,2014 by Ana Varela

What is a premium domain?

A premium domain name is a domain name whose registry has deemed to be especially useful and/or valuable for registrants. Premium domain names tend to be shorter, simpler, and easier to remember than other domain names with the same extension, and are considered to have high branding potential and investment value. Because of their value, registries typically set premium domains in a higher price class than other domains with the same extension, which means their registration and renewal fees will also be higher for registrants. Premium domains will display their premium price in search results performed on our website. Please be sure to note your domain’s price before finalizing a domain order with us.

Updated March 31,2014 by Customer Care