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Get Inked with the .TATTOO Domain

Tattoos are more than scribblings left on the body; each tattoo is a unique piece of art that often represents history, a memory, or a proclamation of the owner’s beliefs. No matter what its meaning, every tattoo makes a statement on behalf of its owner. Simply put, tattoos are our attitudes, beliefs and experiences made physical. The new .TATTOO domain brings life to that unique history.

Tattoos can represent many things from forms of art to outward expressions of life experiences. They inevitably tell a story or share a memory with the external world. Over the course of the twentieth century, tattoos have exploded into popularity. They are so popular that over 40% of Americans age 18-29 have at least one tattoo. The .TATTOO extension  provides a digital things for everything related to this ancient artform. Every part of the tattoo industry will thrive with this new highly specialized domain name.

Art comes to life with the new .TATTOO extension

Tattoo parlors can be found in practically every town and city. The tattoo art style has been embraced by the world and gone beyond the body, adorning clothing, art canvases, and more.  Given the ever increasing popularity of tattoos, it should come as no surprise that the .TATTOO domain is the ideal fit for every aspect of the ancient art form.

This new .TATTOO domain is the perfect digital storefront for tattoo parlors and shops across the world. It provides a branded space in which the ancient artform can thrive by creating a ready-made destination for everyone interested in tattoos. Here are just a few examples of how the .TATTOO domain can be used:



  • Tattoo parlors can setup a .TATTOO website to promote the artists that work there as well as business hours, locations and pricing. Since the .TATTOO domain is highly specific, customers are more likely to remember it and come back for information in the future.

  • Tattoo enthusiasts can share their tattoos through a blog with a .TATTOO web address. This extension creates a domain as unique as the tattoos on someone’s body.

  • State and local governments can share rules and regulations regarding tattoos with this extension.


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