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Get Online With the .NET Domain

Created nearly 30 years ago, today the .NET domain is one of the most well-known domains worldwide. In fact, its history dates back to the web’s first domain name ever. Used most commonly to mean “network,” the .NET domain has grown to encompass many other meanings.

A lot has changed since the initial launch of .NET way back in January of 1985, when it was one of the Internet's first domain extensions. Now with over 14 million .NET domains registered worldwide, it’s pretty clear that this domain is unstoppable.

Growing Demand for the .NET Domain

As the name implies, .NET refers to "Network" and was initially intended for use by organizations involved in networking activities, namely Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Today however, the .NET extension has a vast range of applications, earning it a coveted position as a hugely popular domain suffix both on its own and as an alternative to other domain extensions. The proof is in the pudding: businesses trust demand, and customers demand a .NET domain name.

Be Confident with the .NET Extension

The .NET domain's secret to its enduring popularity is its proven track record and longstanding confidence from internet users from the days of the web's infancy. It has a strong history as a founding TLD, high trust ratings according to surveys from Verisign, and a quality SEO ranking to boot.

With its inherent association with technology and innovation, a .NET domain name is perfectly suited for tech startups searching for a domain to help get their names out there. Organizations and individuals starting an online business, from app-developers to web designers hoping to launch the next social media sensation can all leverage a .NET domain to promote their work easily and effectively.

But technology is so infused with our daily lives that the .NET extension can easily correspond to just about any domain name imaginable. Indeed, with the interminable rise of social media, we are all "networking" all the time, whether it be with businesses, organizations, or one another. In this highly connected, networking world, a .NET domain name is right at home, handily lending itself to a staggering variety of interests and groups. From social media companies and fast food franchises to places of worship looking to spread their message of faith online, the .NET domain is up for anything and everything.