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Hit Goals With The .SHOPPING Domain

In the massive online marketplace, the .SHOPPING domain extension is the destination for online retail.

.SHOPPING domains: The new home of online retail

Whether it's online, at the supermarket, or in the shopping mall, consumer spending drives the global economy. With the age of Internet retail and online bargain hunting, consumers can access more shopping channels than ever from the comfort of their laptops or tablets. For the virtually endless supply of retailers and ecommerce outlets in the massive online retail space, there is now a unifying web address: the .SHOPPING domain.

A friendlier shopping experience with a .SHOPPING domain

In the United States alone, 70% of US adults shop online at least once a month. It’s clear that alongside the established brick-and-mortar shops, millions of people going online to get their shopping done every day. And while the size, scope, and variety of goods available online are staggering, there's yet to be a single domain extension to organize them all. The .SHOPPING extension does just that.

With the .SHOPPING domain, the only limitation is one’s imagination. Just consider all the ways the extension might be used:

  • Established local brick and mortar shops can expand their reach to an online audience with a .SHOPPING domain.
  • Brands and companies that offer a variety of channels can separate ecommerce content.
  • Small businesses and indie sellers can create a unique presence with a .SHOPPING website.

The .SHOPPING domain keeps you relevant

.SHOPPING domain names help consumers identify the relevant, meaningful content that meets their needs, and helps online retailers of all stripes to better stand out to those shoppers seeking the content they offer. The term "shopping" at the end of a domain makes an instant connection with online shoppers, whether they're loyal customers or just visiting for the first-time. There is no guesswork with a .SHOPPING domain, because the site's contents and message are immediately obvious: goods and services for sale here.

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