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First Year Price €249 incl. 19.00% VAT
Renew/Transfer Price €249 incl. 19.00% VAT
Registration Period 1 Year
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Get Started with a .GY Domain Name

.GY is open for business in Guyana and beyond!

When it comes to establishing yourself or your business online, a great domain name is the easiest way to get ahead. The .GY domain extension is the online home for the South African country of Guyana, but it's also a great fit for anyone looking to stand out on the Internet.

The .GY Domain is Perfect for Guyana

Don't confuse it with Guinea, the French-speaking country in West Africa, and definitely don't confuse it with nearby, but totally distinct, French Guiana. Guyana is an English-speaking country nestled among Venezuela, Suriname, and Brazil on the northeast coast of South America. It's one of the very few countries in South America where the official language is English.

The .GY domain is managed by the University of Guyana, based in the capital city of Georgetown. This domain extension is most commonly used by local businesses and government agencies. It's also often used by a growing tourism industry, especially small tour operators and independent hotels specializing in ecotourism and bird watching jungle tours. No matter what your business or interests may be, a .GY domain name is the perfect way to show visitors that you are an authoritative voice of Guyana.