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.HIV: Fighting Illness, one Domain at a Time

The Internet can be a powerful tool for collaboratively developing new medical breakthroughs. With .HIV, you can join a global network committed to battling HIV and AIDS.

Rising to Meet A Massive Challenge with .HIV Domains

The fight against HIV/AIDS has become one of the most urgent humanitarian obligations. The .HIV new generic top-level domain (new Domain Extension) will use the Internet to tackle the global challenge of HIV/AIDS. This new Domain Extension is unique in that the applicant, dotHIV, will provide fundraising tools to help fight against the disease. The extension will also help raise the profile of HIV/AIDS online by bringing it back into people’s minds especially for young people, who are high risk for infliction.

Solidarity With the Fight Against AIDS with .HIV Web Addresses

When you register a .HIV domain, you will help contribute to the fight against AIDS because the majority of the purchase price will go to charity. With the .HIV new Domain Extension, you will play a vital role in the fight to end AIDS. The .HIV new Domain Extension will help fight HIV/AIDS by providing financial support and bringing awareness to the cause in addition to fighting the stigma of HIV.

Who Can Use .HIV

The power of .HIV is far reaching: Everyone from those in the medical field to community organizers. The domain can also be used for cause related marketing especially in the realm of corporate social engagement. Organizers for causes like World AIDS Day can also use the new Domain Extension to promote events and raise awareness.