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Bring Your Website into Play with a .GAME Domain

Perfect for gaming and sports, the .GAME domain extension can help you get your website in the game.

Whether they’re being played on the phone, the console, the sports arena, or the fold-up tabletop board, games are all around us. With a universally recognizable domain extension like the .GAME address, you clearly communicate that your website is all about the game.

.GAME domains take gaming to the next level

With a .GAME domain extension, gamers and other web traffic seeking you out online will have no trouble understanding what you’re all about. Videogame developers, board game manufacturers, hobby companies, and other entities in the gaming industry can rely on a .GAME web address to promote individual games in their repertoire, or underscore their field of expertise by using it as the extension of their main site.

Similar to .APP and .PLAY, the .GAME domain extension are also a superb marketing tool for gaming-specific channels affiliated with entities or properties not exclusively known for gaming.

Level the playing field with a .GAME Web Address

Sports – the kind played on fields, rinks, courts, and other spaces of athletic competition – have a great teammate in .GAME domains. While extensions like .FOOTBALL, .HOCKEY, and .SOCCER are great for individual sports, a .GAME web address encompasses the wider world of sports, making it perfect for sports teams and clubs of any affiliations -- especially if there isn't a dedicated domain extension for that sport already.

Even in the digital age, live sports are still a major draw for spectators -- from little league games to stadium-packing world championships. With a .GAME address for your website, game schedules, resources, or other content related to the game a team plays or loves can be organized under one address that’s memorable and easy for visitors to find.