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.DESI Extension Details
First Year Price $24.99
Renew/Transfer Price$24.99
Registration Period1 Year
Multi-Year-Registrationup to 10 Years
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URL Forwarding:Included (Free)check
Email Forwarding:Included (Free)check
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Sub-Domains:Included (Free)check
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Auto-Renewals:Included (Free)check
Web App Connection:Included (Free)check

.DESI Domain Names: The Domain For the Indian Subcontinent

The Indian subcontinent just claimed its brand new home online with the .DESI domain. Share about entertainment, culture and food with this unique.

The .DESI domain has introduced the Indian subcontinent to the world. This highly populated region consists of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. With this domain Desi individuals and businesses can promote themselves online as the place to go for all-things Desi. That means no more searching around, hoping to stumble across the right website. With this domain extension, it’s all right there at your fingertips!

.DESI Web Addresses for Business

The brand new .DESI domain is the perfect way to advertise to both locals and people traveling from outside the region. Businesses can share about current products and promotions. Not only that, but .DESI is great for the travel and tourism industry looking to attract visitors from around the world. With so many people looking to travel to the Indian subcontinent, .DESI is a great way to advertise events, locations and tour groups among many other location-specific information.

.DESI Domains for Culture

This domain extension is a great way for Desi individuals to share their love for their culture. From Bollywood movies to Indian food to music and more, the .DESI domain has something for everyone. For example, a blogger can use .DESI for their website instead of a typical .COM. On the other hand, popular actors and actresses can host fan sites on .DESI. This helps attract visitors looking for information and updates on current events and cultural happenings. Like never before, you can make your site name specific, short and sweet. Sounds good to us!

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