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First Year Price €9 incl. 19.00% VAT
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Registration Period 1 Year
Premium Domains Available
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Get the Job Done With the .WORK Domain

From human resource representatives to potential employees, the new .WORK domain is a great fit for all things related to work.

The .WORK extension creates a better job search process

Job searching can be one of the most frustrating facts of life. However, new domains like .WORK make it easy for employers and potential employees to connect online and off. From seasonal positions to permanent full-time jobs, the .WORK domain enhances an often unwieldy process.

A reliable job search with the .WORK domain

The .WORK extension creates a safer and more efficient way to do a job search by encouraging employers to provide a liveable wage. Not only that, but the extension will also foster a culture of respect on both sides of the employment coin.

Stay connected with a .WORK domain

The term “work” is extremely versatile and spans across all parts of society from small businesses to politics to private enterprises. The new .WORK domain is a great way to promote employment opportunities in every field. It also provides the perfect opportunity for employers and businesses to promote products, services and other important information for both current and potential employees.

The .WORK is one of hundreds of new domains that recently launched online. Its similar counterparts include .WORKS, .FORUM and .SEARCH among many others.