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Babies, they’re so cute, so cuddly and now they have their very own domain name with the .BABY extension.

Navigating parenthood can be one of the most difficult things a person will ever do in life. However, understanding babies just got a little bit easier with the brand new .BABY domain name.

Parents are spending more than ever to raise babies into children. One report from puts the cost of raising a child in their first year of life at $12,500. This includes having to buy all the things you need to sustain a small human being. From strollers to baby formula, these kids need a lot! This makes the .BABY domain a great way for baby-centric businesses to reach parents looking for a helping hand.

From daycares to clothing shops, any business that focuses on infants can use .BABY to attract new and returning customers. The name is so versatile that it’s a great fit for almost anything related to babies.

Just consider all the options:

  • Mommy (and daddy) bloggers can create their blogs with .BABY to share their parenting advice and reviews on baby products.

  • Baby stores and boutiques can get a .BABY website to promote their products for infants.

  • Different brands that create things for infants, whether it’s clothes, food or beds, can use .BABY to share their offerings.

With all the great ways to use .BABY, one thing’s for sure! You won’t want to miss out on this great domain name.