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Domain Features

  • check Free DNS Management
  • check Automatic Renewal Service
  • check Unlimited Subdomains
  • $14.99 / Year

.CA Extension Details
First Year Price $14.99
Renew/Transfer Price$14.99
Registration Period1 Year
Multi-Year-Registrationup to 10 Years
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RestoreSee Pricing trending_flat
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Free With Registration
URL Forwarding:Included (Free)check
Email Forwarding:Included (Free)check
DNS Management:Included (Free)check
Sub-Domains:Included (Free)check
SedoMLS:Included (Free)check
Auto-Renewals:Included (Free)check
Web App Connection:Included (Free)check

The .CA Domain Connects Canada With the World

With more than 1.7 million domains registered, the .CA extension opens a world of possibilities for Canadian residents, organizations and organizations, making it the perfect way to show your love for the Maple Leaf!

Unlike other domain extensions, .CA domains are available exclusively to those in Canada. This makes it the perfect way to share not only what you sell but also where customers can find you. By choosing a .CA domain name, businesses can easily reach both Canadian and global customers. And since domains are only available to Canadians, it is clear to customers that they are doing business with a locally owned company. 

Get Personal with the .CA Domain

The .CA domain extension isn’t only for businesses. If you want to blog or start a portfolio websites, a .CA domain name is a great way to do it. With a .CA domain name, your website is sure to stand out from other, more generic extensions. The .CA extension also helps you reach Canadian readers as well as those who love Canada by branding you as a source of authentic Canadian information. With so many looking for location-specific resources, the .CA extension is also a great way to grab the attention of readers and relay who you are just by your domain name. 

Eligibility Requirements

.CA is available to those who fall under one of the following categories:

  • Canadian citizen
  • Permanent resident of Canada
  • Organization, unincorporated organization, association or club made up of 80% Canadian residents, Canadian partnerships or Canadian staff members.

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