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First Year Price €39 incl. 19.00% VAT
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Shop ‘Til You Drop with the .TIENDA Domain

With 70% of Americans alone making regular online purchases, online shopping isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The new .TIENDA domain helps companies and brands make headway in the Spanish-speaking eCommerce market.

With the explosion of the Spanish market online, the .TIENDA domain is the obvious choice for anything shopping-related. The word “tienda” itself is  Spanish for “shop”, which makes this extension a great fit for online storefronts.

A .TIENDA website works for business

It’s becoming more popular for businesses to maintain a bilingual presence with both English and Spanish websites. The .TIENDA extension opens up a world of opportunity for brands looking to grow a customer base. Expanding the market with a Spanish speaking website helps bring in visitors looking for an inclusive company that caters to a variety of backgrounds.

The .TIENDA domain brings brick and mortar to life

This domain isn’t exclusive to online retailers. Brick and mortar businesses can also benefit from .TIENDA. For the first time ever, businesses in predominantly Spanish-speaking countries can exclusively target customers by creating an all Spanish domain name.

Many ways to use a .TIENDA website

Given the versatile and wide reaching nature of the .TIENDA domain, it should come as no surprise that there are many ways to use this extension. Here are just a few options to consider

  • Fashion and budget bloggers can share discounts, deals and coupon codes with readers with a well positioned and aptly named .TIENDA domain.

  • Specialized industries can use .TIENDA domains to attract customers and make sales. For example, car dealerships and manufacturers can share prices and sales with a .TIENDA website.

  • Independent online shops can setup a .TIENDA site to share products and information with Spanish-speaking clients.

The .TIENDA is one of an elite handful of Spanish domain names available. Other options include .GRATIS (free), .VIAJES (travel) and .JUEGOS (games).