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Knowledge is Power with the .TIPS Domain

From everyday life advice to data and information, the new .TIPS domain creates a knowledgable space for just about everything.

It's no surprise that people are inclined to seek out advice before making a decision. With so many modern digital advancements, there's no better way to find advice than by going online. The web makes finding resources a simple task. People are more likely than ever to fire up their web browsers to investigate the knowledge. The .TIPS domain makes it quick and easy to spread information.

The .TIPS domain cuts through the noise

To meet the growing demand for information, many sites have sprung up to share information on specific topics or tasks. From dating advice blogs to gaming sites, there's information out there on everything. With the .TIPS domain, it's easy to cut through the noise online. Instead of getting drowned out, a .TIPS domain name helps sites stand out. This intuitive domain extension will attract people looking for help and advice.

Many ways to use a .TIPS website

The new .TIPS domain is versatile, which makes it a great option for so many different people, companies and bloggers. Here are just a few ways to use a .TIPS website.


  • Established companies and brands can setup a .TIPS website to separate main content from advice.

  • Bloggers can give life and hobby advice with a .TIPS domain. The extension is quick and eye catching, making it a viable option for anyone looking to grab the audience fast.

  • News and reporting sites can setup a .TIPS website to accept anonymous information from the public and follow up on stories.


The .TIPS extension is one of hundreds of new options available to everyone. Other similar options include .INFO, .WIKI and .WEBSITE.