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You've got .EMAIL

As one of the Internet's earliest successful communication platforms, Email has refused to go the way of snail mail in the modern age.

.EMAIL Domains for Email Attachments

Thanks to a new .EMAIL domain, the world's premiere digital mail platform is getting a twenty-first century facelift. The Internet has always been about facilitating communication, and there is perhaps no greater testament to its efficacy than email -- the very first "instant messaging" program embraced by people on the Web. The novelty of being told we've "got mail" may have gone out with the 90s, but email itself is anything but disposable. Now a vital component of business, marketing and even interpersonal communication, email is still a hot ticket. Indeed, while email could be credited as a forerunner of many platforms offering quicker solutions for fast communication, like Twitter, Facebook and plain old Instant Messaging, email still stands tall as the longest-lasting platform through which we connect with one another.

.EMAIL Web Addresses - Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

Email has worked its way into the everyday business of our lives, whether it be for business or for pleasure. It's this foundational necessity - this key role in the business of our lives - that gives the .EMAIL extension so much strength in the Internet landscape of tomorrow. As a generic term that is arguably as recognizable as "Internet" and "Web" themselves, .EMAIL is a hot property because it applies to virtually everything that can be found online. From animal hospitals and stoneworkers to independent filmmakers and bloggers - if it's on the Internet, you can probably send it an email, and that's why .EMAIL has so many exciting applications.

Businesses looking for an easy and identifiable way to open the channel to their customers can do so more efficiently by directing them to a .EMAIL domain. Similarly, individuals looking to facilitate communications between themselves and family or business associates can open the channel more easily with a dedicated contact form on their very own .EMAIL webpage. No matter what it's being used for, email is all about helping us stay in touch in a hyper-connected world, and .EMAIL will make the perfect companion to that mission as the Internet and its users move into the future.