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First Year Price €58.31 incl. 19.00% VAT
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Registration Period 1 Year
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Take a trip to .MADRID

.MADRID will endear your domain to a storied city in the midst of a digital overhaul.

Madrid is poised to take advantage of every technological innovation, and the expansion of the Internet with new domains is no exception. Whether advertising tourism or industry, fostering community, or providing city services, the development of the .MADRID domain extension will help the city thrive and communicate in new ways.

Thrive With the New .MADRID Domain

As the capital of Spain and one of the largest cities in Europe, with more than 6 million citizens in its surroundings, Madrid is a major financial and cultural center for Southern Europe. Its central location and highly educated workforce has made the city a favored destination for business investment. All this makes the .MADRID domain a great place to go online for both finance and culture in Spain.

Attract Tourists with the .MADRID Extension

The Prado museum alone makes Madrid a tourist destination, but it is just one of many important cultural landmarks: Centuries of artistic and architectural achievement are preserved and displayed in the city. The figures speak for themselves: 600 buildings designated historically important, over 100 museums, dozens of performance spaces for theater and music. Historic locations can thrive with the new .MADRID extension by providing pertinent information to tourists.