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The .MG Domain: For Madagascar and Beyond

Reach your audience with the unique .MG domain. It's not just for Madagascar--it's for everyone!

Created in 1995, the .MG domain extension represents Madagascar, the island nation located off the coast of southeast Africa. Known for its rich biodiversity and natural habitats, Madagascar is perhaps one of the most interesting nations in the world as 90% of it's wildlife cannot be found anywhere else. In a country of 22 million people, the .MG domain has many uses both within and beyond Madagascar’s borders.

Promote Madagascar with the .MG Domain

For any country specific domain extension, its most obvious use is for the industries that reside in the domain’s home country.  The .MG domain was originally built for Madagascar, where it is used by tour operators, resorts, and the agriculture and mining industry as well as by government and numerous non-governmental organizations. Overseas, importers of Madagascar’s vanilla and sapphires find that .MG domain names lend authenticity and recognition to their online storefronts.

Especially for websites written in the local Malagasy language, also abbreviated MG, the use of the .MG domain forges a bond between content and location. Malagasy-speakers around the world can come back to .MG domains for the sight and sound of home.

.MG Domains Around the Globe

The applications for this domain extension don't just end at the borders of Madagascar. There are plenty of great ways to utilize the .MG domain. For example the .MG domain shares a set of initials with an eclectic range of topics. .MG can mean a lot of things from magnesium, the milligram, major general and more. This makes the .MG extension a great fit for anyone working in or interacting with these different realms.

The Brazilian state Minas Gerais, with nearly 20 million inhabitants, is another useful interpretation for .MG. This domain would make an excellent web address that advertises attractions and accommodations. The capital of Belo Horizonte put the state on the map when it hosted the 2014 World cup and will host the soccer portion of the 2016 Olympics.