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.BOUTIQUE Extension Details
First Year Price €49 incl. 19.00% VAT
Renew/Transfer Price €49 incl. 19.00% VAT
Registration Period 1 Year
Premium Domains Available
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.BOUTIQUE: The Perfect Home for Quality Small Businesses.

Your domain name should be as elegant and unique as your storefront. Don’t settle for second best - get your .BOUTIQUE domain for your shop’s website!

With excellent customer service and quality goods, many shoppers deliberately seek out these one of a kind stores to meet their shopping needs. These days, with more and more consumers moving online to make their next purchase, it’s more important than ever for boutiques to have a strong internet presence. That’s where a .BOUTIQUE domain name comes in. Read on to see how .BOUTIQUE can get you the sales you’re after.

Reach More Customers with a .BOUTIQUE Domain Name

With so many shops online, and with so many .COM domains already registered, you might not even be able to register the domain that corresponds with your existing or desired store name — and the domain you DO register likely won’t be the one you originally wanted. This situation can leave you scrambling, wasting precious time to attract and win over would-be customers. With .BOUTIQUE domain names still fresh on the market and ripe for the picking, you have your choice of many of the best domain names for your online shop.

The .BOUTIQUE web address improves on the tired .COM by giving your business a targeted online presence — one that is much more likely to resonate with potential customers. After all, you worked hard to create your own business, and you only have a moment to make an impression with a potential customer — why would you settle for a domain name that may not even make a strong first impression? With a .BOUTIQUE web address, you finally have the power to create a domain name that means something to your customers from the very start — no more taking chances on a nondescript, second-rate .COM domain.

Online Sellers Rejoice with .BOUTIQUE Web Addresses

.BOUTIQUE domain names isn’t just for brick and mortar stores, it’s for internet-exclusive shops as well! This extension will help you differentiate your business from all the other shops out there, and do so in style. .BOUTIQUE is also a great fit for sellers working on third party platforms since the domain can be used in place of a long and cumbersome URL.