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First Year Price €99 incl. 19.00% VAT
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Registration Period 1 Year
Premium Domains Available
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Go for .GOLD Domain Names

Whether you're on the field, in business, or behind the jewelry counter, a .GOLD domain name makes a striking impression.

The .GOLD Domain Extension Helps Business Shine Online

In the world of jewelry, no metal is as precious to consumers as gold. The .GOLD domain extension is an easily excellent fit for jewelers and jewelry artisans, or any other enterprise for which gold makes up a substantial part of their trade. a .GOLD domain name is useful for the primary webpage of retailers specifalizing in gold, or for a distinct space of a jewelery-affiliated site on which gold jewelry is one choice offered alongside other styles. Of course, it's also great for style bloggers and others who take an interest in fashion jewelry.

The word "gold" has obvious associations with wealth, luxury, and higher-level service. That makes the .GOLD domain extension a natural, easy to remember term for luxury services, or those that offer higher-tier services for discriminating clientele. "Gold" is a common term used to specify benefits programs or membership rewards services. Similarly, "gold" can be used as a suffix for premium or enhanced additions of a business' existing services. Businesses offering these sorts of services can rely on a .GOLD to create a brand-friendly and memorable webspace to promote or act as the customer-facing base of operations for such programs.

Play to win with a .GOLD domain

Gold is a universally recognized, centuries-old symbol for victory. With the .GOLD domain extension, the many manifestations of competition all have an eye-catching online home. Champion teams and athletic clubs in professional sports can create a dedicated online altar to their triumph, where they can promote their prowess on the field and connect with their fans. .GOLD domains are also a great fit for promoting organized tournaments and matches for any skill level or subject -- from soccer and speed-skating to spelling bees and beauty pageants.

But competition -- and the opportunity to rise above it -- isn't just found on the playing field or in organized matches. Training camps and tutoring programs designed to foster excellence in any competitive arena -- from the athletic to the academic and beyond -- can easily communicate their specialty in molding pupils into winners with a .GOLD domain name.