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Plant a seed of change online with a .GREEN Domain

The .GREEN domain extension is the first eco-focused web address ending, promoting a recognizable, open and accessible online destination for content related to ecoconservation and sustainability.

For some, "green" is a movement for lasting change, for others it's a personal lifestyle, and for a growing number of of people, businesses, and organizations, it's an opportunity. With the term "green" gaining recognition worldwide, the .GREEN domain extension creates an online platform for a global conversation, as well as the people, companies, and organizations working to make the world a greener place.

Grow a healthy online presence for your business with a .GREEN domain name

By and large, consumers are thinking more about where their purchases come from, how they're produced, and their environmental costs. Internet users are also likely to research goods and services on the Internet before committing to a purchase. That makes the .GREEN domain extension a brand-friendly label for businesses for whom green practices are central (like organic farms, restaurants, and sustainable consumer product retailers).

A .GREEN web address can be used for the homepage of these services' sites to fully underscore their commitment to sutainability. Alternately, .GREEN domains can be used to set up a dedicated extension of these service's primary web presence, where they can promote sustainability practices, community outreach programs, and other content of interest to eco-conscious visitors.

Keep the conversation thriving with .GREEN domains

The importance of environmental sustainability has evolved rapidly from a far-out idea to a pressing global concern. .GREEN domains will create an online world for those dedicated to promoting sustainable practices at home, in their communities, and the world we all share. For government organizations, a .GREEN domain extension makes a recognizable and approachable platform to promote their efforts to go green. Non-profits and NGOs, can also make use of .GREEN web address to direct visitors to comprehensive educational resources and conduct outreach.

On a more personal scale, .GREEN domains will resonate with individuals who dedicate themselves to promoting a greener lifestyle. Sites like cooking blogs, journals, and other lifestyle-focused sites can make use of a .GREEN web address to signal their content's affiliation with eco-friendly or health-conscious practices. At the commmunity level, .GREEN domains is perfect for local groups and resources hoping to plant the seeds of sustainability at home. From large-scale infrastructural changes to a small-town city hall promoting community gardening workshops, .GREEN helps get the word out on eco-consciousness.