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Show You Can Deliver With the .DELIVERY Domain

The .DELIVERY domain extension is the premiere extension for any service that ships directly to customers, either as the primary means of getting their product into their customers' hands, or as an added service.

Show what you have to offer with a .DELIVERY domain

For any kind of business offering a physical product, providing the option to ship purchases adds value to the consumer experience. Even retail operations with a primarily brick-and-mortar presence are likely to offer shipping in their online extensions, sending goods directly to consumers' homes. For these businesses, who may wish to promote these delivery services specifically, .DELIVERY domains are a fabulous online tool, allowing for a dedicated online space for your delivery options.

Of course, businesses for which delivery is a core part of their distribution model, like flower shops ( and restaurants with takeout menus (, can also make easy use of a .DELIVERY web address, either as an eye-catching and descriptive extension for their main website, or as a distinct extension of their core site to communicate policies, benefits, and special offers related to their delivery services.

Sell your subscription services with a .DELIVERY web address

A .DELIVERY domain name also fits naturally with subscription services of all kinds. Magazines, newspapers, and other producers of printed content have delivered their products directly to readers' doorsteps for decades, and can now promote these services to potential subscribers on a clear and recognizable domain extension.

With the rise of specialty subscription services offering delivery of anything and everything deliverable, consumers are signing up for scheduled home delivery of a range of products -- from locally grown fresh produce to shaving supplies -- in personally tailored packages. A .DELIVERY domain name sets your business apart from the rush of competitors flocking to this growing industry, while remaining descriptive and relevant to the web traffic looking for delivery services like yours.