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First Year Price €49 incl. 19.00% VAT
Renew/Transfer Price €49 incl. 19.00% VAT
Registration Period 1 Year
Premium Domains Available
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Make More Money with the .SALE Domain

Build a stronger connection with customers with the brand new .SALE domain extension.

You’ve done it! You’ve started your very own online business! Now the business starts rolling in, right? Not necessarily. If you don’t have the right domain name, you might be losing clients. Being limited to .COM and similar extensions use to mean that businesses often had to settle for their second, third or even fourth domain name choices. However, with new domains like .SALE, you can now get a domain name that will help you attract more customers.

Do Business with the .SALE Domain Extension

Few words demand consumers' attention the way "sale" does, and even fewer events are as likely to draw foot traffic to a business. For retailers, a good sale can make a crucial difference not only when attracting new customers, but in helping to fortify the relationships needed to make one-time-shoppers into lifelong clients. Doing that has just gotten a little bit easier with the new .SALE domain extension.

Create Opportunity with .SALE

Simply put, where consumers see value, businesses see opportunity, and nowhere is there as much opportunity than in the online shopping industry. Where outlets with no online presence are constrained to advertise sales by posting signs in their windows or taking out ads in the daily paper, online retailers have a vast array of strategies at their disposal to reach their customers. Very soon, .SALE domains will expand those options even further.

Stand Out Online with a .SALE Website

The .SALE TLD can be an essential tool for individuals on the Internet, as well. A couple looking to sell their house privately could post information on a .SALE domain to help direct potential buyers, or a blogger looking to add a personal touch to a fashion blog can distinguish themselves in style and with a touch of personality.