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The .NL Domain Finds Success in The Netherlands and Abroad

Originally created to be the online home of The Netherlands, the .NL domain presents a great way for Nederlanders to stay connected.

The .NL domain extension has gained great acclaim as one of the most popular country extensions on the Internet. The domain that represents the Netherlands online has grown to be the 5th most popular country specific domain extension, behind popular extensions like .DE and .UK  This makes a .NL domain name essential for those in the Netherlands and beyond.

The .NL Domain is Uber Popular in the Netherlands

Founded in 1986, the .NL domain has gained immense popularity amongst the Dutch. Today there are over 5 million register .NL domains, according to SIDN, the registry behind the growing European extension. Given its reach, the .NL domain is a great fit for anyone doing business in the Netherlands. It’s the simplest and quickest way to tell the world that you are a Dutch expert! 

Whether you’re looking to advertise your latest business venture or share your personal achievements, a .NL domain name is the way to go, especially if you’re Dutch or located in the Netherlands. For example, the Eindhoven University of Technology and its students are major users of .NL domains, which is hardly surprising given the role of the school in fostering technological advances in the Netherlands and throughout Europe.

.NL: For the Netherlands and Beyond

Outside of the university system, domain registrations include national and local government, charities, businesses, fraternal organizations, hobbyist clubs, political parties, and individuals. This is because the .NL domain extension has proven to be a versatile way for Nederlanders to connect with their community. 

Outside the country’s borders, the .NL extension can also make for a great domain name. For example, Dutch bicycles are known worldwide for their style and practical urban-commuting features. And for good reason: More than almost any other country, the Netherlands is a place where everyone rides. Rather than a fitness hobby or competitive sport, Dutch bicycling is simply a common method of getting around. Around the world, cycling advocates find the .NL domain to be a mark of authenticity and prestige for a manufacturer, importer, or distributor of cycling gear.