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Glow With The .SKIN Domain

Skin. It’s an organ every human has from babies to the elderly. While it’s universal across humanity, taking care of it has long been a hotly debated topic. With the .SKIN domain, it’s now possible to share tips, tricks and advice on getting great skin.

Backed by cosmetics powerhouse L’Oréal, the new .SKIN domain creates a trusted community for all-things skincare. From makeup to eye cream and everything in between, .SKIN creates a trusted and secure way to exchange information. Everyone from bloggers to business owners can take part in the conversation the .SKIN domain will create online.

Share opinions with the .SKIN domain

The Internet has always been a place for people to share opinions and exchange information. This includes tips and tricks on beauty and skincare. From makeup forums to beauty bloggers, the .SKIN extension is poised to become the go-to digital namespace for everything beauty-related.

The .SKIN domain is trusted by consumers

With so much data now available online, it is often difficult to tell what’s accurate and what’s not. The .SKIN extension aims to create a trusted and reputable space to find information. This will help eliminate harmful trends and false claims in the beauty and skincare world, thus making it easier for consumers to find the information that matters most.

Sell products through a .SKIN website

Skincare and beauty businesses can also use the .SKIN domain to share products with customers. This eye catching extension is an ideal way to capture the attention of a wide audience. The memorable name will also help keep customers coming back for more. In an ever growing beauty field, the power of a good domain name should not be underestimated.

More domains like .SKIN

The introduction of new domains has forever changed the Internet. The .SKIN domain is just one of hundreds of options. There are many beauty-related domains to choose now. Here are some options: .BEAUTY, .SHOP and .SALON.