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Teach and Learn with the .SHIKSHA Domain

The word “shiksha” is a Sanskrit word meaning “instruction, lesson, learning, study of skill.” The new .SHIKSHA domain is the new online home for everything related to education.

Educate with the .SHIKSHA extension

The new .SHIKSHA domain is a unique home for every aspect of education including universities, libraries and online learning. With this extension, any institution, group or organization dealing with education can now thrive online. This domain isn’t restricted to Indian subcontinent region, rather .SHIKSHA is applicable for all cultures.

The word “shiksha” is commonly used word in the Hindi language, which is spoken by over 425 million people globally. This is a huge audience that will immediately understand and recognize the .SHIKSHA domain as a home for education.

Consider some of the ways this domain might be used:

  • Community organizations can use .SHIKSHA to promote workshops, trainings and classes.
  • Universities and colleges can promote course offerings to prospective and enrolled students.
  • Professionals and trainers who provide trainings and workshops can promote their offerings through a .SHIKSHA website.
  • Libraries can share the latest book releases as well as community events.

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