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Tune in and turn it up with a .RADIO domain name

From music services to podcasts, online audio content is big with listeners. With a .RADIO domain, you can reach them loud and clear.

The .RADIO Domain Extension: A Place for Audio Online

In our digital age, radio content may not be entirely transmitted exclusively over the air anymore, but we're still tuned into its signal. In fact, online audio streaming makes up a massive portion of all global network traffic. And with the continued proliferation of podcasts, audio streaming platforms, and web-friendly live news broadcasts, radio's popularity is rising in lockstep with a growing global population of online listeners.

The Internet is the new home of radio, and the .RADIO domain extension makes a pitch-perfect match for audio content and services on the web. Music streaming services, podcast sites, journalism outlets -- .RADIO web addresses will signal that these sites contain content that is heard, not seen.

.RADIO Domains Send a Clearer Signal

Country-code domain extensions like .FM (originally designated for Micronesia) and .AM (Armenia) are sometimes repurposed for use with audio content, particularly with radio stations that bear these tags in real life. However, the .RADIO domain ending is specifically intended for audio content alone, and won't get lost in translation as a web address. Like no other domain extension out there, the .RADIO domain extension provides a unified destination for audio-focused content that millions of online listeners can easily seek out and recognize.

Registration Requirements

To register a .RADIO domain name, you must be an individual or a legal entity with a nexus to the .RADIO community at the time of registration and thereafter. Validation of said nexus will be done on a case by case basis by the .RADIO Registry. 

Registrants are required to state the intended use for the registered domain name (such as broadcasting livestreams, radio-program-related content, individual professional radio activities, radio-related events, radio-related services, equipment provision and diffusion, and any other in which the registrant benefits and advances the .RADIO community). A false statement of intended use indicates bad faith and may lead to the domain name's suspension.