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.HOSPITAL: the hub of medical care online

The .HOSPITAL domain extension provide a unique, relevant namespace for hospitals and medical facilities, as well as the network of caregivers that keep them running.

Why register a .HOSPITAL domain?

The first step to providing quality medical care is making sure those who need you can find you -- online and off. If you represent a hospital or medical care provider, the .HOSPITAL domain extension provides a recognizable and trustworthy address for your web presence.

  • If your current title or web address includes the word hospital, a .HOSPITAL can significantly shorten your domain name, making it easier to type, read, and retain.
  • The keyword “hospital” can help your URL get noticed in search engine results by users seeking hospitals or medical services
  • Veterinarians and animal hospitals can also make use of .HOSPITAL domain names.
  • .HOSPITAL is unrestricted, so it’s also perfect for forums, review sites, directories, and other resources where patients can research and identify the medical facilities that meet their needs.

More domain extensions like .HOSPITAL

  • .DOCTOR: for individual doctors and private practices
  • .VET: for veterinarians, vet clinics, and providers of medical care for animals
  • .HEALTHCARE: for facilities, businesses, and organizations in the healthcare industry
  • .SURGERY: for professionals and institutions specializing in surgical services