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.DOCTOR Domains Create Authority

Be an expert with a .DOCTOR site

The word "doctor" has a wide reaching definition in today's world. It encompasses medical professions, PhD recipients, musicians and amateur advice-givers. The .DOCTOR extension creates a space for doctors of all types. Whether it’s just for fun or it’s advertising a medical practice, the .DOCTOR domain has many uses.

Patients trust the .DOCTOR extension

People are turning the the Internet more and more for medical advice, with more than one third of adult searching the web for answers to medical questions. However, not all sources are reliable, making it a roll of the dice as to whether advice can be trusted.

Find a practitioner through a .DOCTOR website

In the United States alone, there are over one million retired and practicing doctors in the medical field. With so many turning the the web for medical assistance, the .DOCTOR domain makes it easier for patients to connect with practitioners who can help them. The new .DOCTOR domain creates a trustworthy namespace that patients can rely on when looking for advice.

.DOCTOR domains help PhD programs

Institutes of higher education around the world can use the .DOCTOR domain to attract potential candidates and advertise various paths of study. Doctoral programs are by far the most rigorous academic paths a student will ever venture down, which is why it's imperative for students to connect with the program that best suits their areas of interest. The .DOCTOR domain creates an opportunity for universities to share about offerings in an innovative way.

More domains like .DOCTOR

New domains are changing the Internet, and .DOCTOR is just one of them. Similar options include .GURU, .HELP and .HEALTHCARE. Click here for a full list of available domain extensions.

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Premium Names Available

Premium domain names are available for the .DOCTOR domain extension. These Domain Names carry an increased cost of registration, and may be higher than the standard registration price. They are considered more valuable than other domains because they are based on common words or phrases people often use in their online searches. The premium classification is determined by the domains' registry.