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The .TW Domain is for Taiwan and Beyond

Looking to stand out? Do it with the .TW domain! After all, why settle for ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

Founded 25 years ago, the .TW domain extension represents Taiwan, a sovereign state located in east Asia. Over 23 million people are counted in the population of Taiwan and along with Hong Kong, South Korea, and Singapore, Taiwan represents one of the “Asian Tiger” economies that achieved rapid industrialization and economic growth during the later 20th century. In the 21st century, Taiwan continues to grow in ways that are linked strongly to the mainland Chinese economy as well as to those of its other trading partners around the world. It's rapid and apparently successful transition to join the top ranks of economic powers has provoked imitation around the world and the region. Due to Taiwan's rapid success, having a .TW domain name for your enterprise is a great way to be apart of the growth. 

Taiwan Thrives with the .TW Domain

Especially for trade and investment within and among Asian countries, a .TW domain name provides immediate recognition. This is largely due to the fact that Taiwan’s economic success has spilled over to it's neighbors. In recent years, money has poured from Taiwan not only across the strait to mainland China, but also to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and more. It’s obvious that anyone seeking to do business in Taiwan should consider a .TW domain name for their website, but the domain’s brand is also strong enough to carry weight anywhere in the region.

The .TW Domain Beyond the Borders

While the .TW domain was originally created to serve as the online home for Taiwan, it's usage has spread far beyond it's borders. For example, the .TW domain extension can be used for anything having to do with Twickenham, England, or with rugby, since Twickenham Stadium, the largest rugby stadium in the world. In Belfast, the .TW suffix can serve as a place for neighborhood sites for Twinbrook, a small community most famously home to revolutionary hunger striker Bobby Sands. In America, the extension can serve as a place for neighbors and businesses serving the Twinbrook area in Rockville, Maryland, which is home to a busy metro station which serves commuters to and from the capitol of Washington, DC