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Lead the Way with .SOLAR Domains

When it comes to energy production, solar power is leading the way as one of the most innovative ways to generate electricity.

The .SOLAR domain leads online

The first commercial solar power plants were built over thirty years ago and today solar panels can be found everywhere from schools to houses. This type of energy provides a way to get off the grid completely by generating power from the sun. It also helps limit energy consumption and help decrease one’s environmental footprint. With the generation of solar electricity increasing skyrocketing, it’s important that the industry has a unique home online. That’s where the .SOLAR domain comes in. This domain opens up a world of possibility for companies, innovators and homeowners.

Blaze the trail with the .SOLAR extension

Companies from department stores to car manufacturers to grocery stores are all investing in solar energy. Some companies like IKEA have even made a commitment to eventually run operations with 100% renewable energy. With interest in solar only increasing, the .SOLAR domain is the perfect place for companies to advertise their support for renewable energy. For example, a company can create a site dedicated to sharing information on their energy plan and how they’re using solar power. With a growing population of consumers concerned about the environment, this type of site will help raise awareness for energy expansion.

Limit your carbon footprint with the .SOLAR extension

With more people looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, the .SOLAR domain is an ideal avenue through which to share environmentally friendly tips and tricks. As such, it would be a great home for a blog dedicated to everything eco-friendly. For example, if a homeowner has recently added solar panels to his or her house, he or she can share about their experience in a blog post or video hosted on a .SOLAR domain.

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