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First Year Price €99 incl. 19.00% VAT
Renew/Transfer Price €99 incl. 19.00% VAT
Registration Period 1 Year
Premium Domains Available
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Find Your .HOST Domain

Not long ago, webhosting was a smaller niche industry. As the industry grows and competition tightens, consumers are faced with a larger choice than ever when looking for the perfect webhost for their website. In the struggle to attract customers to their services, webhosts must make every effort to be visible, attractive and relevant to consumers. With the brand new .HOST domain, webhosting companies can do just that!

.HOST is the domain extension created with webhosting in mind. .HOST will be the destination for web hosts, data centers and other entities within the web hosting industry. By opening up a new range of short, memorable domain names outside the .COM namespace, .HOST allows for stronger branding within the growing hosting community.

Brand Your Business with .HOST

A .HOST domain name lends instant recognition to your webhosting company’s online presence. By immediately communicating the relevancy of your products and services, a .HOST domain name makes it easier for your company to generate leads and convert browsing traffic to committed sales.

Make Your Site Memorable with the .HOST Web Address

Just think about it--what’s a customer more likely to recognize: A long and boring .COM or a short and snappy .HOST? At United Domains, we strongly believe that both current and potential customers are more likely to recall your new domain extension over a typical classic domain. .HOST is not only specific but also unique, which will help your company stand out where it matters most--online.