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First Year Price €49 incl. 19.00% VAT
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Hit the Books With the .COURSES Domain

The brand new .COURSES domain creates a space for education online.

.COURSES is a unique extension dedicated to education providers including universities, community colleges, and recreational programs. The .COURSES domain extension will lend trustworthiness and legitimacy to online courses, which is an often mired area online. In addition, the new .COURSES domain will help education providers and faculty connect with students in a way that is open, transparent and trusted.

.COURSES: Learn With Confidence

The Open Universities Australia (OUA) is the applicant behind the .COURSES extension. They’re a non-profit committed to maintaining and increasing the quality of education online. Unlike other education-related extensions, the .COURSES domain will be open to only verified education providers. This means potential students can rest assured that their future is in safe hands when they access a .COURSES web address.

Many Uses for the .COURSES Domain

There’s something for every type of student when it comes to online classes. From four-year degrees and continuing education to parks and recreation programs, there’s something for everyone in the educational field with .COURSES. Appropriate for all disciplines, majors, and areas of study, the .COURSES domain gives educational institutions the flexibility to promote their offerings.

Just consider all the options:

  • Colleges and universities can set up various .COURSES domains to separate tracks of study. For example, .COURSES can be used to host course listings, making it easier for students to find exactly what they’re looking for online.

  • Community centers can sharing workshops and continuing education classes with a special .COURSES domain.

  • Educational institutions around the globe can get a .COURSES domain to promote their offerings to students in a way that’s universally understood.

The .COURSES domain joins a growing field of education-related domains including .EDUCATION, .ACADEMY, and .COLLEGE.

Eligibility Requirements

To support the mission and purpose of the TLD, registering and renewing domain names in the TLD is open to any interested party. All domain names, and their subsequent use, must be consistent with the mission and purpose of the TLD. There will be no prerequisite for an Applicant to demonstrate eligibility when applying for a domain name in the TLD. In order to register or renew a domain name the Applicant or Registrant must be the intended beneficiary of the domain name registration. At the time of submitting an Application to register or renew a domain name in the TLD, the Applicant or Registrant must warrant that: -