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First Year Price €29 incl. 19.00% VAT
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Registration Period 1 Year
Premium Domains Available
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Illustrated to Stand Out with .GRAPHICS Domains

Whether you’re a graphic designer or an agency, .GRAPHICS will showcase your creativity to the World.

.GRAPHICS Domain Extensions Designed to Lead the Way

From the Apple logo on a Mac laptop to the stop sign at the end of the street, graphics provide symbols navigating us through the hustle and bustle of every day life. Functionality to art, graphics draw interpretations through scientists, artists, and pedestrians. Think about it, where would we be without maps, diagrams, symbols, and signs? Lost. That being said, the graphics industry will always be in high demand making .GRAPHICS a valuable New Domain Extension.

.GRAPHICS that Speak True to Your Brand

Our economy runs on business, and business relies on brand identity. Professional designers illustrate logos and brand labels. Whether it be done by an agency or a freelancer, .GRAPHICS will help identify reliable and trustworthy designers.


Design agencies sell their services to global businesses. Freelancers often target local and small business clients. Institutions aim to distinguish their graphics department. In all situations, .GRAPHICS provides a capable domain that enables increased networking within a high demand industry.

Illustrating the Future

Since .GRAPHICS has been one of the first level generic domains that has been under revision and approval through ICANN, it can predict to draw a bigger impact for the online sector. This unique domain will develop new ways to access service, products, and information, making it a valuable purchase.