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  • check Premium Domains Available
  • check WPS available
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  • $49.99 / Year

.FOUNDATION Extension Details
First Year Price $49.99
Renew/Transfer Price$49.99
Registration Period1 Year
Multi-Year-Registrationup to 10 Years
Domain Privacy Available trending_flat
Premium DomainsAvailable
Domain Connect Available trending_flat
RestoreSee Pricing trending_flat
GuidelinesDomain Guidelines trending_flat

Free With Registration
URL Forwarding:Included (Free)check
Email Forwarding:Included (Free)check
DNS Management:Included (Free)check
Sub-Domains:Included (Free)check
SedoMLS:Included (Free)check
Auto-Renewals:Included (Free)check
Web App Connection:Included (Free)check

Build a Strong .FOUNDATION

The .FOUNDATION Domain Name gives everyone the unique opportunity to register the perfect domain name. Whether you’re a funding body or a skilled craftsperson, .FOUNDATION can work for you.

Whether what you’re creating is virtual or physical, you don’t want your project to crumble under pressure. With the .FOUNDATION new generic top-level domain (new gTLD), you can make sure your hard work will last. Keep reading to find out how to make this domain work for you!

Support a Cause with .FOUNDATION Web Addresses

For every social issue, there’s most likely a foundation that gives grants and financial support to the specific cause. Whether it’s education, the arts or technology, foundations are the bedrock of innovation and forward movement. With the .FOUNDATION new gTLD, funding bodies can easily share information with potential and current grantees. That means no more endless hours of combing the internet trying to find what you’re looking for.

With this brand new extension, foundations have the opportunity to create a unique domain name that closely mirrors their mission. With so many domains already taken in the traditional .ORG namespace, there used to be limited options. However, .FOUNDATION opens new doors like never before by giving you the chance to say exactly what you want with your domain name.

Share Knowledge with .FOUNDATION Domain Extensions

Upon embarking on a new hobby, one thing people do is turn to the internet for advice and direction. With the .FOUNDATION new gTLD, skilled hobbyists and professionals can share valuable information with novices. For example, an experienced carpenter can build a blog dedicated to teach his or her craft. This helps build and foster a niche community online.

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