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Meet the Indispensable .MU Domain

Originally created to be the online home for Mauritius, the .MU domain has evolved into a place that's ripe for connecting human knowledge and creative expression.

Say Mauritius with a .MU Domain Name

The .MU domain extension is the online home for the Republic of Mauritius, an island nation located in the Indian Ocean. This multicultural nation is known equally for its beautiful tropical scenery as well as its tourism sector. Known for years as a top-tier travel destination, Mauritius attracts world travelers to its beautiful beaches and forests. And businesses looking to attract these tourists would do well to register a .MU domain to bring in even more people!

Let a .MU Domain Name Be Your Muse

The great thing about the .MU domain is that it's usages extend far beyond the borders of Mauritius. As the first syllable of the word "music," .MU has garnered an impressive following among bands and musicians hoping to stand out from the crowd. From radio stations and streaming music services to international music equipment suppliers and fans of the jazzy feel of a mu major chord, anyone with a song to share can sing it out a little louder with a .MU domain name. 

But Mu isn't just for rock stars -- in the mathematics world, it is one. The "Mu" symbol is widely recognized as a variable name within a range of mathematical disciplines, from physics and engineering to probability and statistics. With that kind of recognition from the mathematics community, seeing the potential for a .MU domain name is easier than, well, putting two and two together.

As a Greek Symbol, the .MU domain is also a terrific choice for fraternities and sororities using the symbol who hope to strengthen their presence on the web. Whether as a casual clubhouse for a local chapter or as a platform for outreach, philanthropy and community service efforts, the .MU extension gets it done.