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Domain Features

  • check Free DNS Management
  • check Automatic Renewal Service
  • check Unlimited Subdomains
  • $29.99 / Year

.PAGE Extension Details
First Year Price $29.99
Renew/Transfer Price$29.99
Registration Period1 Year
Multi-Year-Registrationup to 10 Years
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RestoreSee Pricing trending_flat
GuidelinesDomain Guidelines trending_flat

Free With Registration
URL Forwarding:Included (Free)check
Email Forwarding:Included (Free)check
DNS Management:Included (Free)check
Sub-Domains:Included (Free)check
SedoMLS:Included (Free)check
Auto-Renewals:Included (Free)check
Web App Connection:Included (Free)check

Share Information With The .PAGE Domain

With so much of life going online, it can often be difficult to find accurate information. The new .PAGE domain helps organize the world’s digital information.

With the backing of one of the largest names on the Internet, the new .PAGE extension creates a place where creators can share content and people and explore it. Backed by the Google-owned Charleston Road Registry, the .PAGE domain will house data on everything and anything. From sports to business, this domain is an ideal way to share needed information.

The .PAGE extension is versatile

Given its versatility, almost anything can now be housed on a .PAGE website. The unique namespace exists for web users to explore content on any theme, big or small. With the .PAGE domain, new layers of online organizations are created to help make it easier to surf the web.  

Many ways to use a .PAGE website

It’s clear that there are so many uses for this new extension. Here are some of the many ways the .PAGE domain can be used by the public:


  • Newspapers and news outlets can get a .PAGE domain to further pivot into the digital world. For example, sports-related publications can use the extension to share game-related content like scores and schedules.

  • Business can set up a .PAGE website to share aggregated content that’s related to their specific field. This can be a very useful way to share about rates, finances and stock prices.

  • Bloggers and those with a portfolio site can create a .PAGE website to promote themselves. This is a unique and eye catching alternative to other extensions.


More extensions like .PAGE

Along with the .PAGE domain there are many options available to those looking for a new site. Similar domains include .BLOG, .SITE and .WEB. Click here to see all the options.

Domain Privacy:Keep your private information private

With Domain Privacy, you don’t have to risk exposing your personal contact information to spammers, identity thieves, and other Internet no-goodnicks. Domain Privacy hides your domain registration’s associated contact details out of public view, so you can manage your domain name worry-free.

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