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Invest in a stronger online identity the New .CAPITAL Domain

.CAPITAL domains uniquely designate web content devoted to the financial industry and seats of government. can help you stake your claim online. With this extension you can build your website, attract more visitors and get the business you deserve. .CAPTIAL is a great domain for setting up a business or a blog.

.CAPITAL domains enrich the financial field

For businesses and professionals in the field of finance, like financial planners, mortgage companies, and consultancy services, the .CAPITAL domain extension can make for a sensible, descriptive name for your business' online presence. It's especially useful as a "domain hack" if the term "capital" is part of your business' name already. Similar to the .VENTURES domain extension, a .CAPITAL domain name is useful for venture capital funds and other operations that invest in companies. Likewise, it can also be an  A .CAPITAL web address assures potential clients that money is your business, establishing trust with potential clients.

.CAPITAL web addresses for city governments and local tourism

Don't confuse it with "capitol", which refers to a government building. The term "capital" commonly refers to a region's capital city, where the larger surrounding area concentrates its seat of government. The .CAPITAL domain extension makes a natural fit for governmental bodies and organizations in these municipalities, who can create a memorable web address on which to provide constituents with government-related information and happenings. 

Of course, no region's capital would hold its distinction without the contributions of area businesses, who help to keep the "capital" flowing by promoting tourism and encouraging visitors. Just as a capital city's industry thrives by providing memorable destinations for travelers to visit, so does a .CAPITAL domain name provide an unforgettable web address for area businesses. Local hotel owners, retailers, restaurants, and tour operations can position either their business (or a specific branch of it) in the capital area while promoting their services to travelers with a .CAPITAL web address. 

.CAPITAL is an open domain extension, so .CAPITAL domain names can be used for any domain for which the term "capital" could apply, like capital letters and capital ideas. It can also be used to complete phrases using the term (""). 

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