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.YACHTS Extension Details
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Registration Period 1 Year
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Free With Registration
URL Forwarding: Included (Free) check
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Sail Ahead With a .YACHTS Domain

Climb aboard with .YACHTS for a more luxurious web address

.YACHTS For Yacht Owners and Enthusiasts

You’re doing better than most if you’re one of the select individuals who owns a yacht. But here’s a new perk you may not have expected from the privilege: your yacht can have its very own web address, thanks to the .YACHTS domain extension. 

Sure, your other yacht-owning buddies may brag about their onboard croquet courts, their fully-stocked below-deck wine cellars, or their fancy leather-wrapped steering helms. But with a .YACHTS web address you can get a leg up on all of them by giving your luxury watercraft its own appropriately-named website. 

.YACHTS for the Yacht Industry

Of course, there could be no yachts without a thriving yachting industry to keep them afloat. If you are in the business of building, personalizing, or providing any service related to the pricey luxury ships, there’s no better domain extension than .YACHTS on which to promote your services to clients. 

Like the graceful, hydrodynamic crafts on which your industry is based, a .YACHTS domain is sleek, efficient, and it makes a powerful statement. Simply put, it’s the perfect way to show that when it comes to your yacht business, you’re the master and commander.

Who can register a .YACHTS domain name?

To ensure that the .YACHT namespace stays seaworthy and credible, the .YACHTS domain registry has restricted registration of .YACHTS to the following eligible entities who meet the registry’s verification requirements:

  • Watercraft Manufacturers
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
  • Watercraft Product Manufacturers
  • Brokers
  • Distributors
  • Dealers
  • Marinas
  • Watercraft Services
  • Financiers
  • Insurers
  • Naval Architects
  • Surveyors
  • Associations
  • Educators
  • Athletes
  • Charters
  • Event Organizers
  • Media