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Old Pastime Gets Redesign With The .READ Domain

From basic forms at the doctor’s office to 1000 page novels, reading is part of everyday life. With the .READ extension, reading can continue to grow both online and off. The domain is an ideal fit for booksellers, libraries, bloggers and more.

Reading has long been apart of humanity, with the first recorded written words dating all the way back to Mesopotamia in 3200 BC. With the advancement of digital technology, reading has seen a renaissance in the past 5 years with the invention of e-readers and ebooks. The practice of reading will continue flourishing with the new .READ domain.

Brick and mortar thrives with the .READ domain

Over the past decade reading has transformed from black text on a white page to digital e-readers. As reading continues to change, so must the brick and mortar institutions and businesses. That’s why the .READ domain is a great fit for both bookstores and libraries. With a .READ domain, both can stand out with readers online and use a new way to attract readers to an old pastime.

Share reviews and thoughts with a .READ website

Another part of reading is reviewing. From essays to blog reviews, anyone can share their opinions on reading with the .READ domain. For example, large websites that feature book reviews can set up a .READ domain to separate content and make it more attractive to readers seeking out the information. Likewise book bloggers can bring visitors in with a unique and eye catching .READ website.

Opinions take flight with the .READ extension

While the word “read” is deep rooted in the earliest days of humanity, it has also taken on new meanings. The term read has taken on a new meaning online and can often be heard on popular TV shows. The Urban Dictionary defines a read as a way to tell someone about themselves in a sometimes backhanded way. This definition makes the .READ website a fit for gossip sites, podcasts and blogs looking to capitalize on this new term.  

More domains like .READ

The introduction of new domains have brought many extensions like .READ to the Internet. Other similar options include .SCHOOL, .REVIEW and .UNIVERSITY.