It all starts with an idea..SAFETY Domains

Domain Features

  • check Available starting 2019 (est.)
  • check Automatic Renewal Service
  • check Free DNS Management
.SAFETY Extension Details
First Year Price TBA
Renew/Transfer Price
Launch 2019 (est.)
Pre-Order Start TBA
Registration Period 1 Year

Free With Registration
URL Forwarding: Included (Free) check
Email Forwarding: Included (Free) check
DNS Management: Included (Free) check
Sub-Domains: Included (Free) check
SedoMLS: Included (Free) check
Auto-Renewals: Included (Free) check
Web App Connection: Included (Free) check

Stay Secure With The .SAFETY Domain

Security is of the utmost concern for most people across the word. This is especially true when it comes to everyday decisions like buying cars, children’s toys and groceries. However, it also applies in a global sense to issues of national security. With the new .SAFETY domain, all these interests are now represented online.

Being safe is a primal concern that dates back to the earliest days of man. The need for security continue on into modern times, making a domain like .SAFETY not only relevant but also highly necessary. With private and important information be shared on a daily basis, the .SAFETY domain helps make the Internet a safe place to make purchases, get reviews and manage risk.

Reassure customers with a .SAFETY website

The number of people shopping online has skyrocketed since the introduction of the now common practice. In the United States alone more than 70% of people make an online purchase. This makes the need for security all the more pressing. The .SAFETY domain creates a new and unique way for businesses and websites to convey that customer information is safe.

Ensure security with the .SAFETY domain

Safety isn’t only a concern online. It’s a huge priority for people in everyday life. This means the .SAFETY domain is an ideal fit for companies catering to providing security. This includes alarm manufacturers, private security firms and locksmiths. These are just a few examples of who might benefit from a the new .SAFETY domain. By choosing a straightforward domain name with .SAFETY, it’s quick and easy to get the message across to customers.

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With hundreds of new domains now available, there are so many choices for domain names like .SAFE. Some other great options include .SAFE, .HOME and .CLAIMS.