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Hit The Books With The .PHD Extension

For many fields a Doctor of Philosophy, which is also known as a Doctorate Degree or PhD, is the highest level of education that can be achieved by a student. The .PHD domain creates a new digital namespace for everything related to PhDs.

In the United States, a typical PhD program can take six to eight years to complete, making it one of the most distinguished degrees. Only 1.8 percent of Americans hold a PhD, making the extension the go-to place for the globe’s academic elite. From universities to Doctoral candidates, the new .PHD extension has something for everyone.

Universities attract talent with the .PHD domain

When it comes to building and maintaining a PhD program, universities often vie for top candidates. This makes a strong web presence more important than ever. With a .PHD website, universities can attract the top talent to their school. Universities can also set up a .PHD site to help promote specific programs. Doing this sets programs apart and helps students find information.

Promotion with the .PHD extension

Upon completing a PhD program, the natural next step for a student is to promote him or herself on the Internet. This is especially true if a degree is geared toward helping the public.

Here are some examples of ways the .PHD domain might be used:

  • Psychologists or therapists can create a .PHD domain to promote their practice. A site might include information on types of therapy offered as well as hours and rates.

  • PhD candidates are often required to publish papers and books. Upon completing a program, the .PHD domain can be used to promote published works and research.

  • Portfolio sites can be created by PhD holders to share their education and work history. This can help gain future employment or university tenure.

More domains like the .PHD domain

New domains have opened up the doors for education online. Other great options include .SCHOOL, .LAWYER and .EDUCATION.