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Domain Features

  • check Available starting 2019 (est.)
  • check Automatic Renewal Service
  • check Free DNS Management
.WEB Extension Details
First Year Price TBA
Renew/Transfer Price
Launch 2019 (est.)
Pre-Order Start 2018 (est.)
Registration Period 1 Year

Free With Registration
URL Forwarding: Included (Free) check
Email Forwarding: Included (Free) check
DNS Management: Included (Free) check
Sub-Domains: Included (Free) check
SedoMLS: Included (Free) check
Auto-Renewals: Included (Free) check
Web App Connection: Included (Free) check

Establish an all-inclusive online presence with a .WEB Domain

All the credibility of a trusted generic domain name with a modern update: it's the .WEB domain extension.

.WEB domain names establish universal credibility

Due to their long-standing universality online, generic domain extensions like .COM, and .NET have earned a solid reputation of trustworthiness for people seeking out the content on the web. Similarly to the way these classic generic domain endings project a legacy of quality to reassure and inspire confidence among users, the .WEB domain extension projects dependable presence to incoming web traffic. Its brief, one-syllable composition and all-purpose appeal recalls the older generic domains, making it an ideal domain extension to gain both the attention and trust of your site's visitors. 

Set your online services apart with .WEB Domain Extension

The .WEB domain ending has a universal appeal because it applies to all content the web has to offer. If you can visit it on a browser or send it an email, it's on the web, and for that reason it fits under the massive reach of the .WEB domain extension. Anyone who wants to develop a broad, all-purpose online presence can depend on a .WEB domain address to house it under a reliable name that inspires instant confidence. 

Of course, despite their far-reaching potential, .WEB domains can also get specific. With a .WEB address for your site, you can designate the extension of your services that can only be found on the web, and may be distinct from other services you offer. As a key point of difference from the established generic extensions -- which are abbreviated from their namesakes -- the complete term "web" directly evokes the image of a hyper-connected Internet -- the virtual expanse we traverse digitally every day. A .WEB domain extension aligns your web presence squarely with the digital arena, while leaving room for services carried out in the real world.