It all starts with an idea..YOU Domains

Domain Features

  • check Available starting 2019 (est.)
  • check Automatic Renewal Service
  • check Free DNS Management
.YOU Extension Details
First Year Price TBA
Renew/Transfer Price
Launch 2019 (est.)
Pre-Order Start 2016 (est.)
Registration Period 1 Year

Free With Registration
URL Forwarding: Included (Free) check
Email Forwarding: Included (Free) check
DNS Management: Included (Free) check
Sub-Domains: Included (Free) check
SedoMLS: Included (Free) check
Auto-Renewals: Included (Free) check
Web App Connection: Included (Free) check

Open Doors with the .YOU Extension

The .YOU domain is especially built for individualized and user-generated content. Unlike other extensions, the .YOU domain provides a unique namespace for individuals to craft and release unique content.

The word “you” has a universal meaning symbolizing the individual. Likewise the domain for its namesake will open up avenues through which anyone can develop a strong online presence. The .YOU extension provides everyone a way to differentiate oneself on the web. From professional portfolios to social media networks, the .YOU domain is the perfect option for anyone.

Build a personalized presence with the .YOU extension

With digital media only growing in importance, online portfolios are becoming imperative to getting a job, earning a promotion and promoting one’s work online. The .YOU domain allows anyone to do just that. This extension is ideal way to develop and solidify an online presence.

Get social with the .YOU domain

Almost every social networking platform focused on the individual as well as building and maintaining relationships. From finding a partner to keeping up with relatives, social networks have laid the foundation for modern communication. The .YOU domain is poised to become the perfect home for the next wave of social networking.

The .YOU domain isn’t the only way to craft a brand online. There’s several other new extensions that can help anyone in making strides. Options include .ME and .NAME. Click here to explore a wide variety of options for new domains.