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From its wiki pages and blogs to its news and social media sites, the Internet is bursting with more information by more authors on more subjects than any other archive on the planet. And no domain honors this achievement better than .INFO.

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.INFO is a powerful tool for sharing your unique interests and knowledge. Not only that but you can create a new space where information of all kinds is delivered, discussed, and shared with readers. There not better way to share information than with .INFO, the domain name that says just that.

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.INFO is incredibly versatile, suiting the needs of everyone from business professionals to bloggers and everyone in between. Whatever your needs, .INFO makes an unbeatable match for your next website. With so many names already taken in the traditional .COM namespace, the .INFO extension opens up a world of possibility when it comes to selecting your domain name.

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In our connected, digital world, the universally recognized “info” has transcended language barriers like few others. That means instant recognition for your .INFO domain, and a faster connection to what your site is all about, no matter where your visitors are from and no matter what their mother tongue. With .INFO, your global audience is already waiting for you.

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.INFO Domain Info

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Restrictions:» Domain Guidelines
Restore:possible (» Pricelist)

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