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First Year Price €299 incl. 19.00% VAT
Renew/Transfer Price €299 incl. 19.00% VAT
Registration Period 1 Year
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Upholding the .LAW

The force of law is the basis for almost everything we do, both online and off. Now you can take justice into your own hands with the brand new .LAW domain.

Whether it’s international or domestic, the legal profession is a key facilitator of business, protector of rights, and righter of wrongs. This arena deserves its very own home online. The brand new .LAW domain can easily be used to engage with the communities and advertise services.

Reach Clients Online with the .LAW Extension

Most legal situations are a sticky and complicated process, thus requiring the right legal representation. That difficulty no longer need extend to the process of finding the right representation. The new .LAW extension is a great way to attract clients seeking out legal services that meet their unique needs. Because of its broad reach, .LAW domains lend credibility and trust to all types of law firms, simplifying and demystifying clients' hunt for the legal representation they're after.

Your Reputation is Safe with the .LAW Domain

Before the advent of new domains, many professionals in the legal field had to settle for long and clunky website names in the traditional .COM namespace. Often times, a long domain isn’t always the most trustworthy, especially when it comes to the esteemed legal field. With the .LAW extension, it’s now possible to get a domain name people will inherently trust.

The .LAW Extension Joins Other New Domains

The legal field is flourishing online with many new legal domains being introduced for the first time ever. The .LAW domain joins .LEGAL, .LAWYER and .ASSOCIATES. These extensions make it easy for the legal field to reach clients.