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Launch2017 (est.)
Pre-Order Start2016 (est.)
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​.APP Domain Extensions for Developers and Entrepreneurs

.APP domain names will open a whole new namespace for software developers and entrepreneurs.

With over 600,000 applications available for download in Apple's App Store, one thing is for sure: Apps are not only here to stay but are growing at an unprecedented rate. The .APP new generic top-level domain will open up a whole new namespace for application developers wanting to create a home for their product.

Apps, short for applications, operate on mobile devices like smart phones and tablet computers and exist for everything from keeping track of your monthly budget to your daily calories. Using .APP can help applications stand out from the competition as opposed to using a longer URL with .COM or another existing top-level domain.

In the past, only the most skilled software developers were able to develop apps, but today anyone can create an app. The .APP Domain Extension will provide a place for both experts and beginners to come together to share knowledge. Not only that, but .APP will also attract visitors and customers in search of the latest technology to make their lives easier. With Apple's App Store receiving more than 25 million download by users around the world, it's safe to say they won't have trouble finding visitors!

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