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Make Headway With The .REALTY Domain

Purchasing a house or any type of real estates can be an exhilarating yet complicated process. The .REALTY new domain makes the whole process a lot easier for everyone from real estate companies the home buyers.

Real estate is a booming sector in many global economies. This broad sector encompasses everything from business to home sales. The new .REALTY domain creates both a recognizable and profitable namespace for all-thing related to real estate. It will bring together buyers, sellers and real estate agents to make the process of buying property quick and easy.

Real estate agents thrive with the .REALTY extension

Fegistry, the registry behind the the .REALTY domain, is positioning the extension to be a place for everyone in the real estate industry. In the United States alone, there are more than 2 million licensed real estate agents according to one study. With a field so wide reaching, the .REALTY domain helps categorize and organize information, making the buying and selling process easier.

Many ways to a use a .REALTY website

There are many ways to use the versatile .REALTY domain. Here are just some of the many options for a .REALTY website:

  • Real estate agents can share listings with potential buyers through a unique and memorable .REALTY domain.

  • Companies can share aggregated listings for specific areas with a .REALTY website to attract more customers.

  • Bloggers focused on writing about real estate can set up a memorable blog with the .REALTY extension.

More domains like .REALTY

Today there are many days that cater to housing and real estate. Aside from .REALTY, other viable options include .HOUSE, .IMMO and .MARKET.

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