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FAQ: Activating a .ECO Domain Name

After you first register a .ECO domain name, the .ECO registry will assign a serverHold status to that domain. This status will disable your .ECO domain's web-related functions until you activate that domain.

You can activate your .ECO domain very shortly after registering it. Here's what you need to do:

First, the .ECO registry will contact you via email with a link to create your public Eco Profile. Creating a profile is necessary to activate your .ECO domain. (If you have lost or not received your invitation to create your Eco Profile, please contact us for assistance.)

You will be required to do the following two (2) steps to finish setting up your Eco Profile and activate your domain name:

  1. Affirm the eligibility of the .ECO registrant (OR where a different person or entity is using the .eco domain name, typically where the domain name owner is different from the website owner, the Eligibility of the User). 
  2. Pledge to support positive change for the planet and to be honest when sharing information on your environmental actions.

After you have met both these requirements, you will be able to finish creating your Eco Profile. Once that's done, you can begin using your .ECO domain name.