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FAQ: How To Renew a .UK Domain Name

A .UK or .CO.UK domain name should be renewed before its expiration date shown in your United Domains account. You have several options for renewing a .UK domain name.


If Auto-Renew is enabled for your .UK domain name, we will attempt to place an authorization hold on your credit card for the domain name's auto-renewal fee about 12 days before the domain name's expiration date. If authorization succeeds, we will attempt to charge your card 5 days before the expiration date.

Manual Renewal

You can manually renew your .UK domain name up to one day before its expiration date shown in your United Domains account. However, to minimize risk, we recommend that manual renewals be done at least two days before the domain name's expiration date. 

A .UK domain name can be renewed manually for 1, 2, or 5 years upfront, provided the length of time added does not cause the registration term to exceed ten years. Click here for instructions on renewing a domain name manually.

Renewing a .UK Domain Name Up To 30 Days After its Expiration Date

If you pass your .UK domain name's expiration date without renewing, you still have 30 days from the expiration date to renew it for the standard renewal price. However, to help ensure adequate time to process the renewal, we recommend taking the following actions within 21 days of the domain's expiration date:

  1. Log in to your account at Nominet Online Services. (If it's your first time logging in or you forgot your password, you will be able to create new login credentials.)
  2. In your Nominet Online Services account, update the your domain name's IPS tag to UNITEDDOMAINS-DE.
  3. Contact us as soon as possible to request the domain name's transfer back to your United Domains account. In your request, please include the domain name and your United Domains customer number. Please also ensure that your billing information is up to date.

We will attempt to transfer the domain name back to your account for the standard .UK domain name renewal price, which you can find on our Price List.

Restoring a .UK Domain Name More than 30 Days After its Expiration Date

If the domain name has not been renewed within 30 days following its expiration date, Nominet will place the domain name in a PendingExpire state, which lasts 60 days. During PendingExpire all web- and email services will be disconnected from the domain name, such as your website and email, will stop working.

You can restore a domain name from PendingExpire, which will return the domain name to your account, reactivate any suspended web- or email-related services, and extend the domain's registration term by one year from its most recent expiration date. There is a premium fee for restoring a .UK domain name, which can be found on our Price List.

To restore a .UK domain name in PendingExpire, please ensure that your billing information is up to date, and contact United Domains Support for assistance. Please include your domain name and customer number in your request.

If the expired .UK domain name is not restored before the 60-day PendingExpire phase ends, Nominet will cancel the domain name's registration shortly thereafter, making that name available to the public once again.