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.JUEGOS Extension Details
First Year Price €449 incl. 19.00% VAT
Renew/Transfer Price €449 incl. 19.00% VAT
Registration Period 1 Year
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Play with the .JUEGOS Domain

Almost everyone has been playing games since they were kids. From kicking around a soccer ball to complicated video games, this form of entertainment has a brand new home online with the .JUEGOS web address. “Juegos” is Spanish for, you guess it, games!

In the bygone days we were limited to playing games with friends from our neighborhood or our siblings. However, the Internet has introduced a new type of gaming that brings together people from around the world, all for the purpose of playing games. With that change have come challenges for both gamers and game companies. On one hand there’s the difficulty of finding the right game on the consumer end and advertising games on the video game company end. With the new .JUEGOS game, it’s never been easier to find and market new and existing games.

Market Your Game with the .JUEGOS Web Extension

This brand new namespace gives companies the opportunity to market their games in a meaningful way that wasn’t previously possible before new domains. .JUEGOS allows companies to reach the Spanish gaming market, which will naturally gravitate toward a web address they immediate recognize as familiar. This is an unbelievably useful tool for gaming companies looking to break into the Spanish-speaking population across the globe. From Costa Rica to Spain, .JUEGOS is a homerun.

Stand Out with .JUEGOS

Before the introduction of hundreds of new domain extensions, it was near impossible to find a good domain name in the .COM space. However, with all these new options making the right choice has never been easier. With .JUEGOS, you can stand out to gamers looking for information on the latest releases as well as old favorites This is a marketing opportunity not to be missed!