FAQ: Renewing An Expired Domain Name

In many cases, you can renew a domain name for a short time after its expiration date, but your options depend on the domain's extension. Most generic domain names (like .COM and .BIKE) are eligible to be renewed or restored for a brief period if they are not renewed by their expiration date. Many country-code domain names follow their own unique renewal guidelines, which are established by the registries for those extensions.

After the Expiration Date: Renewal Grace Period or Deletion

Most generic domain names and many country-code domain names enter a Renewal Grace Period after their expiration date. During a Renewal Grace Period, the domain owner is given a little more time to renew if the domain name was not renewed by the expiration date. 

We also allow manual renewal for most generic domain extensions.

Certain country code domain extensions do not have a renewal grace period following their expiration date, and are immediately deleted. These domains must be renewed a certain number of days prior to the expiration date to avoid deletion. If Aut-Renew is enabled for one of these domains, we will attempt to take payment for the domain's renewal about 7 days before the domain's renewal deadline. This way, if you do not renew the domain by its automatic renewal date, you still have a grace period to renew the domain name at its regular price before it reaches its deadline.

After the Renewal Deadline: Redemption and Other Options

If a domain name is not renewed by the end of its Renewal Grace Period or its Expiration Date (whichever is applicable), it will be deleted from your United Domains account and your options for retrieving it will once again depend on its extension. 

Most gTLDs and many ccTLDs will expire and enter Redemption period following the renewal deadline. During Redemption, the domain name will be removed from your account, and its web- or email-related services will stop working.

You can restore a domain name back to your account while it is in a Redemption Period, though this process carries an added fee specified in our Price List. Restoring a domain name will return the domain name to your account, reactivate any suspended web- or email-related services, and extend the domain's registration term by one year from its expiration date.

You can usually check if a domain name is in Redemption by checking its Whois records. You can find your domain's Whois Records at websites like whois.domaintools.com. Domains in Redemption will typically display the word Redemption in their Whois records' Status field.

If you wish to restore a domain from Redemption, or you do not see a domain name in your account and would like to renew or restore it, please ensure that your billing information is up to date, and contact us for assistance.

Exceptions and Special Cases

.DE and .UK domain names have unique restoration procedures after they expire. Please contact us if you need assistance renewing or restoring one of these domain names.